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World Languages & Cultures | SPAN 101 Traditional
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SPAN 101 Traditional

Course Description

Spanish 101 is the first semester of an introductory course to Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.  This course emphasizes communication and the improvement of your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish.  You will also become increasingly familiar with the cultures of Spain and Latin America.  The approach used to reach these goals requires consistent participation and interaction with classmates.  It is essential that you attend class regularly and that you participate actively in class exercises and group activities.  Class time will be used primarily to engage in activities that will include active physical participation, dialogues, skits, group work, and conversations with classmates.  In order for these activities to be useful, and to proceed dynamically, it will be necessary for you to have mastered the vocabulary and the basic grammatical concepts, beforehand.  Specifically, this will involve studying the vocabulary and grammar before the day that these are practiced in class.

Course Objectives

The goals of SPANISH 101 are to develop functional proficiency in Spanish through speaking, listening, writing and reading; and to understand basic elements of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. In order to accomplish these language acquisition goals, students will be exposed to authentic (Spanish) language in contexts, activities that are meaningful to their own lives and cultures, and how these are represented in the Spanish speaking world.


This course is not open to native Spanish speakers or to students with more than 1.5 years of Spanish in high school. “Students who have completed two years but less than three years of a single high-school world language may not enroll in a 101 course in that lan­guage. These students may enroll in either a 102 course in that language, or in the case of Spanish, Span 97. Before enrolling in either Span 97 or a 102 language course, students are recommended to take the on-line placement test available at http://language.iastate.edu/students. After completing the online placement test, students who believe that they have extenuating circumstances may appeal to the Department of World Languages and Cultures in order to request enrollment in a 101 language course.Students who have completed three or more years of high-school world language study may not enroll in or receive credit for 101-102 in those languages; credit may be obtained by passing the appropriate Exam for Credit or by completing an advanced sequence (200-level or higher) in that language. Students requesting a waiver regarding eligibility for 101-102 must appeal in writing to the WLC Advisors Ruxandra Looft, 515-294-7570, or Ginger Nally, 515-294-8988 .

Required Materials:

  1. ¡Pura Vida! Beginning Spanish (López-Burton, Marques-Pascual, and Pardo-Ballester), 1st edition, Wiley & Sons.
  2. Online Cuaderno de actividades to accompany Pura Vida, 1st edition.
  3. Web-based materials that provide cultural readings and homework using the Blackboard webpage.
  4. Headphones, a microphone and a camera to be used for the online meetings.

Spanish coordinator for this course:

Charles Nagle
Office:   3118B Pearson Hall
Office Phone:  294-6089
E-mail: cnagle@iastate.edu
WLC Department Phone: 294-4046