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World Languages & Cultures | SPAN 202 Hybrid
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SPAN 202 Hybrid

¡Bienvenidos a Spanish 202 híbrido!

Course Description

SPAN 202 represents the equivalent of the second part of a second-year course delivered in a hybrid course format.  Its hybrid format combines class instruction with a significant component of technologically based materials: the Spanish 202 hybrid website with online readings, online quizzes, online exams and for online meetings (Mondays or Wednesdays), a sound/text chat program (Zoom).  The course reviews some of the materials presented in the first-year Spanish language courses and introduces additional vocabulary, functional phrases and grammar structures with emphasis on real communication and in meaningful cultural contexts.   Students will be exposed to a variety of Spanish accents and dialects from Spain and Latin America. Students will read, discuss, and write compositions in Spanish. The course is taught entirely in Spanish while the textbook contains explanations and instructions in English. Students will be reading texts in Spanish as well as participating in discussions, writing essays, and examining the more complex structures of the language. This course prepares students to move into more advanced writing and conversation courses. It is assumed, therefore, that students registered for this class have a good command of beginning Spanish, i.e., sound system, grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

This course is particularly appropriate for the following student conditions: (1) a preference for learning mediated through technology (because it is a hybrid course, you will be working most of the time with technology); (2) schedule/time limitations (since class meets only two days a week in the classroom and once a week online with your instructor and classmates); (3) responsible and independent students who do not need an instructor to remind them to do their work (e.g., exams, readings…).

More about this Spanish 202 hybrid format course:

1)    The instructor meets with students Tuesdays and Thursdays in the classroom to work with the textbook Interacciones, and to practice our speaking and listening skills.  Strong emphasis will be placed on acquiring conversational and comprehension skills, using practical and interesting situational materials that will stress both language and culture.

2)    Once a week (Mondays or Wednesdays) students will chat online (sound and text) with the instructor and classmates. Your instructor will inform you about the assigned day and time that you have to connect to our Spanish online meetings during the semester. Each student has to log in using Zoom for our online meetings.

3)    In between class meetings, students will use the Interacciones textbook & Quia online workbook, and online tasks to perform additional exercises and activities. Students will also take their exams outside class time in the Testing Facility, located in room 60 in the basement of Carver Hall. You will need your college ID to take these.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

1.   Read and demonstrate comprehension of uncomplicated prose and contemporary material in Spanish.

2.   Converse and discuss practical daily subjects and articles read in Spanish.

3.   Write essays in Spanish with complex sentences on various topics, cultural material, and everyday subjects.

4.   Understand Spanish spoken at normal speed with some repetition on a variety of selected topics in various formats.

5.   Develop critical thinking skills of deduction and inference about grammar patterns and syntax in order to extract meaning from texts and verbal discourse.

6.   Continue developing awareness of cultural values, beliefs, and ideologies of the Hispanic world.

Required Materials

  • Interacciones: Emily Spinelli Carmen García & Carol E. G, 7th edition, Heinle Cengage Learning.
  • QUIA online workbook with Lab Manual Printed Access Card. Ilearn Heinle Cengage learning.
  • Web-based materials that provide cultural readings, quizzes, and other resources using the Blackboard webpage for Spanish 202.
  • Headset and a microphone to connect online with your classmates and instructor.


We will cover chapters 6 through 12 of the Interacciones textbook. There will be an exam after completing every chapter. You are responsible for preparing for and taking all 5 exams in the Testing Facility, room 60 at Carver Hall.  Your exams will be based on listening, grammar, vocabulary, culture and writing.

Spanish coordinator for this course:
Charles Nagle
Office: 3118B Pearson Hall
Office Phone: 294-6089
E-mail: cnagle@iastate.edu
WLC Department Phone: 294-4046