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World Languages & Cultures | SPAN 297
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SPAN 297

Español 297 - Curso Puento Intensivo de Español Intermedio

Course Description

Span 297, Intensive Intermediate Spanish,  is a bridge course between 200-and 300-level Spanish courses that focuses on application of advanced grammatical concepts. It merges Span 201 and Span 202 and it is designed for students who want to continue at the 300 levels. This course prepares students to move into more advanced writing and conversation courses. It is assumed, therefore, that students registered for this class have a very good command of beginning Spanish, i.e. sound system, grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.


The course is taught entirely in Spanish.

Course Objectives

  1. Demonstrate ability to write (coherently) short compositions in Spanish with complex sentences on various topics, cultural material, and everyday subjects.
  2. Recognize, define and use vocabulary related to texts and or writings, including transitional expressions and conjunctions in the target language.
  3. Demonstrate through written work reasonable control over: the indicative (present, preterit, imperfect, present perfect) and subjunctive (present, imperfect, present perfect, adverbial clauses) as well as the use of the infinitive, ser and estar, object pronouns, relative pronouns, agreement of nouns and adjectives, spelling and accents.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of cultural values, beliefs, and ideologies of the Hispanic world.


4 years of high school Spanish, two years of Spanish at a community college, Spanish 201, or equivalent by placement


How do you know that 297 is right for you?

We recommend that students take the Online Placement Exam for Spanish to determine their general skill level in the Spanish language.


below 199 = First year Spanish (101-102)


199–349 = Second year Spanish (201-202)


350–400 = Take the Diagnostic Exam for Intermediate Intensive Spanish


above 400= Third year Spanish (301 or above)

Students obtaining a score between 350-400 on this test are encouraged to take (2) the Intensive Intermediate Spanish (Span 297) Diagnostic Exam to determine if this class is right for them.


We recommend that a student obtaining a test score lower than 70 points on the Intensive Intermediate Spanish (Span 297) Diagnostic Exam register for this course in order to review these topics during the semester.  Otherwise, if a student obtains a score higher than 70 points we recommend registering in a 300 level class.


Consult with one of our academic advisers in World Languages and Cultures, either Ruxandra Looft, 515-294-7570, or Ginger Nally, (515) 294-8988, for actual placement in a foreign language course at Iowa State.

Required Materials:

  1. Bretz, Dvorak, Kirschner, Bransdorfer & Kihyet. ¡ Avance! Intermediate Spanish- Student Edition. 2nd Edition: Mc Graw-Hill, 2007.
  2. Bretz, Dvorak, Kirschner, Bransdorfer & Kihyet. Quia Online Workbook/Laboratory Manual Access Card for ¡Avance! Intermediate Spanish. Mc Graw-Hill, 2007
  3. A good Spanish-English dictionary (i.e. Harper Collins, Vox, Larousse, Oxford).
  4. In addition to the Spanish-English dictionary, consult the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Language frequently, you can find the online version at www.rae.es

Course Instructor:

Marta Vessoni de Lence
Office:   3118A Pearson Hall
Office Phone:  515-294-4876
E-mail: mlence@iastate.edu
WLC Department Phone: 515-294-4046