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World Languages & Cultures | SPAN 97
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Course Description

Spanish 97, Accelerated Spanish Review, is a course designed for students who have had two years of high school Spanish.  These students are not eligible to take Spanish 101 and are not comfortable taking Spanish 102.  In Spanish 97 a review of the material covered in Spanish 101 is presented before covering the material covered in Spanish 102.  It is expected that the student have command of the material learned in high school Spanish.  This is an intensive course that covers the material at a rapid pace.

Because the course covers two semesters of material in one semester it requires a significant time commitment outside of class.  Spanish 97 includes a large computer component.  Most, assignments and projects will be completed online with an electronic workbook as well as the use of other online programs.  This course is taught in Spanish.  Spanish 97 is not for the student who has not studied Spanish previously; those students should take Spanish 101.

For students who have been away from high school Spanish for an extended length of time, this course may be too difficult.

Course Objectives

After completing this course you should be able to do the following:

  1.  Engage in a conversation and be able to describe something in simple terms and be understood by speakers of Spanish who are very accustomed to interacting with Spanish-language learners.
  2. Understand short, simple conversations and narrations (live or recorded), within highly predictable and familiar contexts.
  3. Read very short texts and find predictable information and vocabulary in simple everyday familiar topics such as advertisements, menus, maps, and brochures.
  4. Write short, simple notes and messages, by recombining learned vocabulary and structures to form simple sentences on very familiar topics.
  5. Continue developing awareness of cultural values, beliefs, and ideologies of the Hispanic world.

Course Instructor:  Julie Wilhelm
Office:  2245 Pearson Hall
Phone:  294-8186
E-mail:  jwilhelm@iastate.edu

Required Materials

  • Marinelli, Patti. Mujica Laughlin, Lizette.  Puentes, Spanish for Intensive and High Beginners Courses. 6th Edition:  Heinle-Cengage Learning
  • Marinelli, Patti. Mujica Laughlin, Lizette.  Ilrn Online Workbook/Laboratory Manual Access Code, Heinle-Cengage Learning


2 years high school Spanish


Developmental World Language Fee Applies.  See tuition and fees website for more information.

**Consult with the academic advisers in World Languages and Cultures, Ruxandra Looft, 515-294-7570, or Ginger Nally, 515-294-8988, for actual placement in a foreign language course at Iowa State.