Joshua Smith

Lecturer of Anthropology


Dept:World Languages And Cultures
Office:2120 Pearson
Ames IA


Joshua’s research is concerned with Indigenous-Settler relations with a special focus on the histories of anthropology/anthropology of anthropology. His research on action anthropology looks at the political theory of action anthropologists, especially Sol Tax, Nancy Lurie, Robert K. Thomas and Robert Rietz (to name a few). He takes an ethnohistorical approach to understanding the political context of their projects in approaches to decolonizing anthropology. Smith is the Associate Editor of the Franz Boas Papers: Documentary Edition (Nebraska Press). His current book project, Sovereign Anthropologies, explores the political theory and activisms of Indigenous anthropologists Archie Phinney and Ella Deloria drawing out new perspectives on their theory and methods as they relate to contemporary challenges of revitalizing Indigenous Law and re-asserting Indigenous Sovereignties. Moreover, he plays a lead role in the collaborative interdisciplinary project, Land, Language, Locatives explores the relationships between community, place and language in social, cultural and political contexts. Joshua currently serves as Lecturer in the Department of World Language and Cultures at Iowa State University.