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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I study LCP?

You will be proficient in a foreign language and experience living and working in another culture. Graduates from similar programs across the U.S. have found that they frequently have the edge in a competitve job market as a result of their intercultural skills. You will find that you will have new opportunities and skills that will do more than just prepare you for your first job- they will lay the foundation for a successful career in a global marketplace

What if I don’t have any language background?

If you do not have any language background, but are highly motivated, you can also declare the option. Motivated students with limited background can also accelerate their program by participating in intensive summer language courses at ISU or abroad. If you decide not to continue in the LCP program, you may be able to apply the language course you took as an elective in your primary major in business or your curriculum in engineering.

Is the LCP option right for me?

If you are interested in working in a global, intercultural context, enjoy language learning, and are a motivated student, then the LCP option in a world language is a good choice. If you have had several years of high-school foreign language and are thinking about continuing your language learning at Iowa State, then you should seriously consider the LCP option in your language. You will also be able to enroll in courses that will prepare you for global professions.

How do I get started?

You should contact or visit the Academic Advisor for World Languages and Cultures, wlc-adviser@iastate.edu for details regarding appropriate course placement and enrollment. Remember that you must already be an ISU student who has declared a primary major in the College of Business or declared a curriculum in the College of Engineering in order to be eligible for enrollment in the LCP second major option in a world language. If you need more information on how the LCP option will fit into your major in Business or a curriculum in Engineering and how to schedule your courses, see your advisor or contact the Program Coordinator for Business or Engineering Undergraduate Programs. For general questions related to the LCP Option and programs in the World Language and Cultures contact: Prof. Mark Rectanus, Director, Languages and Cultures for Professions, email: mwr@iastate.edu.
Can I participate in a internship or study abroad?

If you remain enrolled in the LCP second major option and maintain a good GPA, you will be eligible for internship opportunities and study abroad programs specifically designed for business and/or engineering. The LCP Director and faculty in your language area will work with you to identify, select, and obtain internships through the Department of World Languages and Cultures and through well-established partnerships. You may receive up to 3 credits for your internship (courses numbered 499 in world languages) which will be applied to your second major option in LCP. You can also participate in a wide range of study abroad programs which are available through the department of World Languages and Cultures and through the Colleges of Business or Engineering.