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Language Studies Resource Center

Language Partner Exchange

The Department of World Languages and Cultures Language Exchange Partners is a free program organized by the Language Studies Resource Center to connect students who wish to practice and improve their foreign language speaking skills.
Registration for Fall 2017 is now open!  Click on the forms tab to the left to sign up today!

Language exchange partners have the opportunity to make new friends, benefit from each other’s knowledge, expand their skills, and are better able to engage the world around them. The program is free and open to all students registered at Iowa State University.


Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Improve world language conversation skills
  • Practice everyday terms and phrases in a world language
  • Build social networks through friendly interactions
  • Gain additional language preparation for study/internship abroad or other overseas travel


The quality of your experience depends on the reciprocal participation of each student. Students who are interested in practicing another language are matched together. The goal is to improve speaking, listening, and communication skills through regular practice with a another speaker of the language being learned. To get started, you should fill out the information form. Once we have reviewed participant information, we will send all participants information about their language exchange partners.


It is the responsibility of each language exchange partner pair to determine when to meet.  We recommend meeting once a week for at least one hour.  Students should have some prior training in the language they want to study. You should not be expecting to learn a language for the first time with your language exchange partner and should be able to carry a basic conversation in the language you want to practice. This program is recommended for participants with at least intermediate proficiency in the language (2nd year) and is limited to students currently enrolled in at least one class at Iowa State University.


We hope to be able to find a match for every person who requests a language exchange partner but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you a match. We thank you in advance for your patience.


Please note: We recommend that all language exchange meetings take place on Iowa State University’s campus in the Language Studies Resource Center, 3142 Pearson Hall.  This is to ensure both safety and convenience. While the LSRC facilitates the Language Exchange Partners Program, each meeting is the responsibility of the individual participants.

Q: How does the program work?
The language exchange partners program is a free program that connects students through language exchange. The success of the program depends entirely on participants and each person’s enthusiasm to learn a language.  Students are matched up based on the language they want to practice and/or language that they are willing to share. Each student pair is encouraged to meet once a week for at least one hour to practice their conversation skills.


Q: How do I sign up?
Interested participants should fill out this information form.


Q: Will I be matched with a native speaker?
Since our program is based on students in WLC, we cannot guarantee that your language exchange partner will be a native speaker of the language you want to practice. You may instead be paired with another language learner at the same level as your own unless you have noted on the information form that you are willing to meet with someone at a language proficiency level lower than your own.


Q: Can you guarantee I’ll get a partner for the language I want to practice? Can I be matched with someone of a particular gender, age, etc.?
We do our best to accommodate everyone’s preferences—however, we can’t guarantee that there is someone in the program who is the perfect match. There is a chance in any given semester that another speaker of your target language may not be available.


Q: I filled out the information form however I have not received any information about my partner. What happens next?
We are a small team working to match several students in all of the languages we offer. We will send out information as soon as we have matched up all students for the semester. Thank you for your patience!


Q: What if my partner doesn’t return my emails or is too busy to meet me?
Please allow at least 48 hours for your partner to respond. Since all participants are busy Iowa State students, pairs/groups may not always be able to make their schedules work. If your partner decides to leave the program, please let us know and we will work to find you a different partner.


Q: How often should I be meeting with my partner(s)?
Ideally, participants should meet for a minimum of one hour per week.


Q: What should my partner and I talk about?
Partners are free to have an open conversation about any topic they chose. However, a list of suggested topics will be available each week in the Language Studies Resource Center (LSRC), 3142 Pearson Hall and online on our website.

Participant Information Form – Fill out this form to participate in the language exchange partners program

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