Diversity Statement

Departmental Diversity Statement

The department of World Languages and Cultures (WLC) is a multidisciplinary department that emphasizes communication, cultural exchange and inquiry, and language education. We see ourselves and our students as global citizens. As such, we are committed to the study of diversity in ideas, individuals, and cultures; to teaching, scholarship, and outreach focused on a diverse world; and to maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we aim to educate ourselves and those around us in understanding inequities, both historical and contemporary, including those related to sex and gender, ethnicity and race, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic standing, religion, nationality, and physical disabilities. Through this education, we learn to respect diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds in order to more knowledgeably promote equity, justice and opportunity for all.

We also strive to promote diversity and inclusion through various initiatives and activities such as sponsoring student organizations dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity; promoting forums for cultural exchange and understanding on campus; mentoring organizations dedicated to creating an inclusive atmosphere for underrepresented students, faculty, and staff; and organizing events to celebrate different cultural heritage months.