Open Spaces

What exactly is Open Spaces at ISU?

Open Spaces was developed as a way to create face to face interaction here on campus. It provides community members a chance to learn a new skill or share a talent of their own!

Where did this idea come from?

Paris has created a new center, “104-Paris”, to allow people from different backgrounds to meet and share their passion and skills in a fun and learning environment. Any person with a specific skill (dance, music, sports) is invited to teach these skills to the others for free. The idea is to promote cultural understanding and to break the borders between people. Every day, young people come to this place to teach others something new. For example, they teach dance steps (salsa, hip-hop, etc.), gymnastic movements, martial arts movements, or other such skills.

Open Spaces is recreating this experience here at ISU in order to help people from all kinds of backgrounds to connect without the long-term commitment of a club

How do you fit in?

You can come sample a variety of cool things! Each event will vary depending on who comes to learn and to share. You – not some lame algorithm – make this reality. Show up ready for anything.

How can I learn more?

Head over to the Open Spaces Facebook Page to get dates and meet the growing community!