Pair your Passion

We get it.

“World Languages & Cultures” doesn’t exactly limit your career options.

We’ve got you covered though.The combinations are practically endless! We use language every day, in every facet of life. Just like its use, a language major is super versatile. Do what you love, love what you do, right? Check out some of the innovative ways our students have paired WLC with their "&" programs of study.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Pairing

As easy as slipping on your second shoe.WLC shares all of the core curriculum requirements of a Liberal Arts & Sciences B.A. program- from Advertising to Women’s and Gender Studies.

LAS Campus home in Catt Hall

Human Sciences Pairing

While your program of study is a little more clear-cut in the College of Human Sciences, that doesn’t mean you won’t have time for adding a second major or minor! Most degrees require 12 credits of electives- just the right amount for a minor in the language of your choice. Check out these 4-year plans for more.

Human Sciences home in Mackay Hall

Design Pairing

While the design curriculum is very rigorous, we like to think that our programs can enhance both cultural understanding and critical thinking skills. See what others have done here.

Design home in The Design Biulding

Ag & Life Sciences Pairing

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! WLC pairs with three colleges outside of LAS for our Languages and Cultures for Professions (LCP) program, and CALS is one of them! We’ve worked to customize our coursework for those in career paths that are very clearly mapped out after college (just like with CALS). Meet a few CALS+LCP alumni, see what their programs of study looked like, and even connect with current LCP students on the LCP page!

CALS home in Curtiss Hall

Business Pairing

Hot dog! You’re in for a treat!The College of Business and WLC go together like peas and carrots. With out Languages and Cultures for Professions (LCP) program, pairing is a snap. Our LCP coursework focuses on business-world applications of language. Check out a few Business+LCP alumni profiles, see options for your program of study, and meet current LCP students with the button below!

Business home in Gerdin Hall

Engineering Pairing

Eureka! Newton’s not the only one who gets to say it when you make such great choices! A degree in Engineering is a lot of work, and you’ll spend a lot of time doing very technical thinking. We’re here to help you work both sides of your brain. Our Languages and Cultures for Professions (LCP) program pairs with your primary major to customize your language learning for professional use. See alumni profiles, example programs of study, and current LCP students on our LCP page.

Engineering home in Marston Hall

Still not sure how it would work? Check in with an advisor!