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World Film Studies

The world may watch Hollywood productions, but Hollywood draws inspiration from international cinema. Want to further your knowledge of cinema that exists beyond Hollywood? Interested in the history and theory of international film and filmmaking? The World Film Studies minor offers coursework in film history, theory, and aesthetics in order to introduce students to influential cinematic traditions from around the world. Courses for the minor are offered by individual language programs within WLC (Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish) and by other units on the ISU campus (such as the department of English and the Greenlee School of Journalism).

The World Film Studies minor complements a wide range of majors and provides a foundation for further studies in film, media, and visual culture at the undergraduate and graduate levels. As part of the minor program, students gain a solid knowledge of the vocabulary, theoretical concepts, analytical methodologies, and research trends of cinema studies. Students become familiar with different periods in the history of world film industry and study international auteurs whose artistic visions continue to transform filmmaking. Students learn how cinema has shaped and has been shaped by societies and cultures; and how globalization and transnationalism have affected contemporary film industries. Above all, the World Film Studies minor exposes students to the art of cinema through viewing, analyzing, reading about, and discussing important films, past and present, from around the globe.

A student seeking a minor in World Film Studies must successfully complete a minimum of 15 credits.



World Film Studies Minor (15 cr.):

Required core course:

The additional 12 credit hours may be applied entirely from WLC or can include up to 6 credit hours from the outside courses listed below.

Required courses in WLC (6 cr. minimum):


Courses outside of WLC (up to 6 credits may be applied):

  • Engl 237: Survey of Film History  (3 cr.)
  • Engl 315: Creative Writing – Screenplays   (3 cr.)
  • Engl 335: Studies in Film   (3 cr.)
  • Engl 450B: Seminar in Film   (3 cr.)

Curricular Note:
No more than 6 credits of each repeatable course (Frnch 326 and Frnch 378) may be applied to the minor.


Download the World Film Studies brochure

For more information, contact:


Olga Mesropova
3246 Pearson
(515) 294-7884


Stacey Weber-Feve
3102L Pearson
(515) 294-0315