Meet the Ambassadors

Meet our team!

The WLC Ambassadors work as a team to help us talk about all of the programs we have to offer. Each is involved with different WLC and ISU programs as well as a variety of campus activities. The group was developed out of a need for students to hear from their peers and for potential students to learn more from someone who’s experienced some of the scarier parts of heading to college.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Headshot of Zach Buerger

Zach Buerger

Supply Chain Management, International Business, LCP German
Office hour: Monday 1-2 pm, Zoom

Hey there! My name is Zach Buerger and I am a fifth year at Iowa State. I am studying supply chain management, international business and German.

On campus, I am involved and have been involved in my fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, as well as with the supply chain management club and with the German club. I am also a student manager for the women’s volleyball team! On top of that, I enjoy running and learning to cook new foods.

In the fall of 2018, I studied abroad for a semester in Marburg, Germany. There I took took a language course, conversation course, culture course, and two different business courses. I also was able to travel all around Germany and visited England twice and Italy once. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to Argentina and Peru!

Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions about studying languages at ISU, managing multiple majors or anything else!

Headshot of Tim Dorn

Tim Dorn

Mechanical Engineering, LCP German
Office hour Wednesday 10-11 am, Webex

Hallo! My name is Tim Dorn, I study Mechanical Engineering and LCP German, and I have a blast playing saxophone in the Iowa State marching band. Before I got to ISU, I knew I wanted to continue my German learning, and I later surprised myself with how much I did with my German. My instructors helped me learn not just about German language and culture but encouraged me to explore international experiences like studying or working abroad.

I studied mechanical engineering at the Hochschule Mannheim in Mannheim, Germany for one semester and returned a few semesters later to work with John Deere helping them put their tractors together. I spoke and wrote German almost exclusively for both of these stays, and my German skills took huge steps forward, which was so satisfying to see. ISU offers many opportunities to learn a new language, no matter what your major is, and I’d love to talk with you about how to get involved. Just email me. Tschüs!

Rachel Ernwine

Anthropology, GIS Headshot of Rachel Ernwine
Office hour Thursday 10-11 am, Webex

Hello! My name is Rachel Ernwine, I am a junior majoring in anthropology and minoring in Geographic Information Science (GISC). I am the 2018 Hixson Opportunity Awards recipient for my home town of Boone, Iowa. I am also the treasurer for the Anthropology Club.

I am specifically interested in biological anthropology and have had the amazing opportunity to work as an RA in the Paleoecology Lab here at Iowa State. In this lab we perform stable isotope analysis on bone collagen and bone mineral apatite. The results help us to recreate and better understand how humans interacted with past environments. We see a variety of bone samples pass through the lab from almost fossilised to a brand-new cow bone. No matter the age it’s always exciting to see the samples and wonder what they’ll be able to tell you!

I have also been able to job shadow with the Cultural Resource Management team at the Ames DOT. I learned a lot about how GIS is used in a professional setting as well as how historical and archaeological sites are managed when they’re at risk of being damaged.

When I’m not brainstorming ideas for the Anthropology Club, working in the lab, studying, or helping students as an ambassador I like to read, spend time with friends, and experiment with vegetarian meals. Always feel free to reach out to me through my email if you have any questions or would just like to chat.

Headshot of Christa Heffern

Christa Heffern

Animal Science, International Agriculture, LCP Spanish
Office hour Thursday 11 am – 12 noon, Webex

¡Hola a todos! My name is Christa Heffern, and I am a senior studying Animal Science and International Agriculture with a minor in LCP Spanish. When I first came to Iowa State, I knew I wanted to keep learning and practicing Spanish, but I didn’t know how to continue. I didn’t want to limit myself to only working in Spanish speaking country, so I wasn’t sure if a double major/minor was the right idea. On a whim, I enrolled in a Spanish class my freshman year and everything changed.

I learned about the LCP program and found out I could study abroad while also learning Spanish. In the spring of 2019, I participated in the Cáceres study abroad program where I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge about the culture and language of Spain while learning how to travel and be more culturally aware. I learned what it takes to work and live in another country which is what I plan to do after graduation. I believe that learning one language will make it easier to learn another and opens yourmind up to new ideas.

After studying abroad, I was able to volunteer and travel around Europe for an extra two months. If you have any questions about your options here at ISU or want to make the most out of your LCP experience, don’t hesitate to contact me! I am here to help!

Headshot of Cassie Peyton

Cassie Peyton

Business Management, International Business, LCP Spanish
Office hour Tuesday 1-2 pm Webex

Hi! My name is Cassie Peyton and I am a junior majoring in Business Management, International Business and LCP Spanish. I have loved Spanish and the idea of speaking another language since high school, so I knew I wanted to continue studying Spanish coming to college. I met with my advisor freshman year and learned about the LCP program and how well it worked with my four year plan and the college of business! LCP allowed more flexibility to my schedule, so I was able to study abroad in Cáceres, Spain last Spring semester.

Being immersed in the language and culture there helped me to grow so much in my speaking, hearing, and comprehending abilities. I hope to further my Spanish by moving to Spain, or another Spanish speaking country, after graduation and living there for a few years! If majoring or minoring in a foreign language or studying abroad interests you, or even just the Spanish classes I’ve taken, I would love to email with you about my experiences!

Photo of Bailey Priborsky

Bailey Priborsky

French and Global Resource Systems
Office hour Thursday 12:30-1:30 pm Webex

Bonjour! My name is Bailey Priborsky and I am studying Global Resource Systems and LCP French. While not in classes I participate in the ISU Martial Arts club pursuing my black belt. When I started at Iowa State I knew I wanted to pursue a foreign language but didn’t want to continue with Spanish from High School. I heard great things about the French program from a friend and Globe and have loved my French studies ever since.

I have had two wonderful opportunities to go abroad. I have been to Peru, Amsterdam and Kampala through the ISU-UP program. I loved everything about these experiences, the food, the travel and the sites. My study on the international level and my experience abroad has helped gain internships and even a job on campus at the Plant Science Institute. My international experience was valued due to my cultural understanding, my communication skills as well as my professional development.

Outside of school, I love reading, cooking new foods, and playing video games. I love to talk to others and am happy to share my experiences. If you have any questions please feel free to reach me through email anytime or join my office hours. I am happy to answer questions regarding any of these topics or to just talk. Salut!

Headshot of Sierra Teeter

Sierra Teeter

Chemical Engineering, LCP Spanish
Office hour Monday 10-11 am Webex

¡Hola! My name is Sierra Teeter and I am a senior studying Chemical Engineering and LCP Spanish. I knew from a young age that I loved other cultures and wanted to learn a second language. I took my first Spanish class when I was in 8th grade and continued all through high school. Upon starting classes at Iowa State I was hesitant to continue taking Spanish classes as I thought I would not be able to pursue a degree in both Spanish and Chemical Engineering. However, I was introduced to the LCP program and suddenly it became possible for me to continue my love for Spanish while also allowing me to become an engineer as well.

This program has opened a world of opportunities for me to grow as both a student in my understanding of the language, but also as an individual by presenting me with the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad in Cáceres, Spain. The three months I spent living in Spain taught me more about language comprehension and cultural appreciation than I could have ever learned on my own or in a classroom. I can confidently say that my semester abroad was the best experience that I have had during my time at Iowa State. I love talking to other students about my experience and I cannot wait to share everything that I have learned with all of you. If you have thought about learning a language and are interested about studying abroad, I would love to email with you! The possibilities are truly endless!