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Monday 10-11

Hey, Hallo, Hi! My name is Collin Powell and I am a senior double major in Interior Design and German. I’m so excited to be serving as a WLC Ambassador this year, and I cannot wait to give back to the department that has given me so much. I’ve been both student and TA of the Berlin’s History and Culture Study Abroad program here, I spent a semester studying design in Italy, and I just finished up interning in Frankfurt, Germany in Summer 2017. I’m that kid on campus who wears all black, so if you’re having a hard time finding me, that should help. I love all things History, Art, Design, Theory and I love finding intersections between my interests and studies. I’m always willing to answer any questions you may have about the WLC Department, Majoring/Minoring in a Language, Study abroad, German-related questions, or even if you just want to come in and talk about life. Those are my favorite conversations anyways. Tschüß!



Tuesdays 1:30-3:30

My name is Joi Latson and I’m a senior double majoring in Spanish and Global Resource Systems with a minor in Nutritional Science. I’m also a Community Adviser in Old Richardson Court and serve as Co-Director of New Student Outreach for Student Government. In the spring of 2016 I studied in Cáceres, Spain and interned with the Iowa State Uganda Program in Kamuli, Uganda this past summer. You can ask me about Spanish, studying and interning abroad, and about my favourite European pastries! Can’t wait to meet you!



Wednesdays 11-12

Hello! My name is Tristin Barnhart and I’m a senior majoring in Anthropology, History and Classical Studies with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. I have spent the last two summers studying abroad in Greece where I worked on an archaeological excavation. I am president of the Anthropology Club and secretary of Eta Sigma Phi and Classics Club. I can help answer any questions about Anthropology, Classics, majoring and minoring in the WLC and any general questions you may have! I am also applying for graduate programs so any questions and support you may need I can potentially help and sympathize with.



Wednesdays 12-2

嗨 ! Hello! My name is John Piegors. I’m a senior this year, with a major in Linguistics, and minors in Chinese and TESL.  I’m an avid player of racquet sports and disc golf, and served as president of the Table Tennis club back in my sophomore year. I’ve studied overseas three times now, once in Beijing and twice in Taipei. These study abroad experiences have helped shape me into the person I am today.  I got real world teaching experience while tutoring students in both English and piano, but I also got my fill of thrill seeking when I accidentally wandered into an off-limits section of the Great Wall – oops.

I’m trying to give back to the great community at Iowa State by teaching piano, serving as a TA for a few Chinese classes, orchestrating a few sports tournaments, and in general always being willing to discuss my experiences and offering advice on studying abroad.  Whether you’re trying to find the perfect study abroad program, want help with Chinese, or just want someone to talk to, I’m your man!



Thursdays 4-6pm


Hello! Здравствуйте! مرحبا. My name is Natali Jouzi, and I am an international student from Jordan. I am a Junior, double majoring in Nutritional Science and Dietetics and pursuing a minor in Russian Studies. I love food, music, traveling and exploring different cultures. I have visited 15 countries, and recently, I studied abroad in Saint Petersburg, Russia for eight weeks to study Intensive Russian as a second language. I am a Teaching Assistant for the Arabic program and also the President of the Arab Student Association. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or stop by my office for any questions you have about travel, study abroad and programs offered at WLC! Stop by to say hi even! 



Fridays 11-1

Hey there! My name is Derrick Hinton II and I am majoring in International Relations and Spanish, but also studying French and German. I am member of the Chi Phi Fraternity and the ISU Latino Heritage Committee. In the spring and fall of 2016, I spent a semester abroad in Cáceres, Spain where I completed and internship in Social Work, with a focus in translation. In the summer of 2017, I spent a month in Berlin, Germany, where I became to understand more about past historical events that affected Germany and how that is well a part of today’s contemporary Germany. Currently, I am a senior and am looking forward to the opportunity to teach English abroad in Spain during the spring of 2018. I am available and happy to help you find your next adventure as an Iowa State student. Come and see me during my office hours or email with any questions about WLC that you may have!