Jacob Larsen

LSRC Director


Dept:World Languages And Cultures
Office:3142a Pearson
505 Morrill Rd.
Ames IA

Area of expertise: Faculty engagement strategies for educational technology use. Learning resource center and study space design and development.

Topics of interest: Administration and optimization of instructional support services in educational institutions, Design development and use of online learning materials educational software multimedia materials and games, Staff and student assistant management and development, Teacher training and support for blended and distance learning education, The use of blended and online learning in higher education, Use of emerging educational technology in higher education


Dr. Jacob E. Larsen is a polyglot who has lived, studied, and worked in Denmark, Brazil and, most recently, the United States. These experiences have allowed him to develop a variety of skills in languages, intercultural-, interpersonal-, and workplace communication, collaboration and leadership.

Dr. Larsen has professional experience in customer success management, tech support, K-12 and higher ed teaching, consulting, educational technology support for a variety of subject areas, and educational technology leadership. In addition, he has conducted research in areas such as blended and online learning as well as faculty engagement strategies to promote the use of educational technology.

Recently, Dr. Larsen has been involved in managing the RFP process, evaluation, and adoption of a new learning management system for the Iowa State University campus. In addition, he has managed renovations and updates of the LSRC and department classrooms and taken new initiatives in the LSRC including the Student Assistant Mentoring program to support instructor use of educational technology, together with a significant expansion of language learning materials and tools in the Language Studies Resource Center.

In his job as Director of the LSRC Dr. Larsen focuses on the strategic support for language teaching and learning with a specific emphasis on the pedagogically sound implementation of innovative educational technologies. In addition, he is involved with the evaluation of innovative educational technology installations and active learning, research on emerging technology and its implementation, as well as faculty engagement strategies to advance the pedagogical use of educational technologies.

Grants and Awards


  • 2020 Professional and Scientific Staff Excellence Award


  • Language Studies Resource Center Annual Operating Expenses $32,182.00 (2018), $46,019.00 (2019), $58,333.00 (2020)

  • LSRC Spanish 303B Materials upgrade $3,060.00 (2020) • LSRC front desk computer replacement $6,547.54 (2020)

  • LSRC iPad cart replacement $19,878.25 (2020) • LSRC iMac desktop replacement $21,632.65 (2019)

  • LSRC Virtual Reality Classroom Cart $9,675.33 (2019) – received 50% funding

  • LSRC Mac laptop cart replacement $43,589.70 (2019)

  • Pearson Hall 3113 Educational Technology Renovation, $17,246.45 (2018)

Recent / Major Publications

Silva, K., & Larsen, J. (2009). Where the language worlds meet: Combining real life and Second Life in classroom materials design. In C. A. Chapelle, H. G. Jun, & I. Katz (Eds.), Developing and evaluating language learning materials (pp. 29‐50). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.