James Strohman

Assistant Teaching Professor of International Studies


Dept:World Languages And Cultures

Area of expertise: Government and Politics, Public Management, Writing and Editing

Topics of interest: American Government, English, international studies


James has been teaching at ISU since 2007 and has taught over 100 classes to 4,000 students covering ten subjects over three departments and two colleges. He worked for the Iowa Department of Justice for 25 years, served a term as a Story County Supervisor, and serves on the Iowa Employment Appeal Board. He has over 45 years of experience in politics and government, including a dozen Iowa Caucus cycles.

James (ISU 1984, 1985, 1986) and his wife Kristin Peyton (ISU 1983) have four children: Isaac (Iowa 2013, Drake MPA 2021, Drake 1L) Ambrose (Arizona State University 2016) Stella Maris (ISU 2018, ISU women's soccer team member 2014-2018, Drake JD 2021) and Endylion (ISU 2020, 2018 ISU Study Abroad student in Florence, Drake JD 2023).