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We’ve got all of life’s questions, answered. Okay, so maybe we don’t quite have the answers for all of them. Below, you can find the answers to the most common ones about World Languages and Cultures at least. Oh, and Wolfram Alpha says the meaning of life is 42.

What class should I start with?

If you have no previous language learning experience, you can begin with 101 in the language of your choice. If you have previously studied the language for which you wish to register, please follow this guideline:

  • Students with one year of language instruction should register for 102.
  • Students with two years of language instruction should register for 201.
  • Students with more than three years of high school language instruction are not eligible to take 100-level coursework and should take the department placement test found here.

Once you’ve completed your placement exam, contact one of our advisors with questions about language placement. Don’t forget to share your language background and placement test score! If you’re worried about the suggested class, they’ll be able to help with that too!

Psssst- the password is in the directions for the exam. Be sure to read thoroughly before you begin.

I’m a high school language teacher. How do I book a visit?

Head on over to our “Visit” page for all of the visit information your heart desires!

Do I have to study abroad?

Students working on a “classic track” major or minor in our department are not required to study abroad although we strongly encourage an immersion experience. For Spanish, studying abroad also reduces the number of required credits. If you’re a second major in our LCP Program, you’re required to study or intern abroad to add international experience to your primary major.

Can I combine multiple languages?

Yes! Our department offers coursework in Arabic, ASL (American Sign Language), Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. You can study more than one language and combine multiple majors and minors to create a unique and specialized curriculum that’s just right for you!

Can I study just culture?

You sure can! We offer a major or minor in Anthropology and Classical Studies along with minors in World Film Studies, American Indian Studies, and U.S. Latino/a Studies. Mix and match as you see fit!

I want to study a foreign language, but I don’t have a specific career in mind. What do I do?

Start taking a class with us and see where it takes you! Discover your passion for languages and cultures and work with our advisors and LAS Career Services to see how to best fit this skill set into your broader career plans. Check out a few options for pairing a language major with others on our “Pair your passion” page. If you’re planning on teaching a foreign language at the secondary level, please contact Dr. Linda Quinn Allen for more information on our teacher education program. Also, check out some options for planning ahead with a degree in foreign language.

I speak a language not offered at ISU, how can I receive credit for this?

If you speak a language other than English and one not offered for instruction in our department, you can schedule an exam for credit through OPI, but we do not provide those services through our department.

Can I still take WLC classes if I am a native speaker of my langauge of interest?

Yes! Native speakers of the languages we offer may take content courses in our department (literature, culture, business classes, etc) but may not enroll in the traditional language learning classes we offer. Spanish native and heritage speakers may only enroll in courses numbered 304 and higher. Native speaker students interested in coursework in the other languages we offer should consult with faculty members in that language section or with one of our advisors.

What is this extra charge on my U-Bill for WLC classes?

That’s our “materials and professional support fee”. Each 100- and 200-level course has an associated $25 charge for access to our LSRC. For more information, check out the full description here(PDF).


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