LCP + Your Major in Business

Because working internationally is more than just business

Professional work doesn’t happen in a bubble but in a broader socio-political context. Your career will thrive if you have a better understanding of current events, historical precedent, cultural expectations, and – of course – language.

Why do LCP with your major in business?

You want a major that lays a strong direction for your future career, but you also want to stand out with your international perspectives.

What’s LCP all about?

  • Coursework tailored to professional issues
  • Internship or study abroad
  • Scholarships for your international experiences

Whether you just want to keep improving your language skills or study culture or you’re convinced you want to work internationally, LCP is right for you. Our classes will use the other part of your brain that you don’t get to exercise in your primary major.

Majors + Minors

What language and culture do you want to pair with your primary major? You can do an LCP major or minor with these!

Minors only

If you want to make inroads in the Russian-speaking or Chinese-speaking
business worlds, check out these LCP options.

Interning Abroad

First and foremost, LCP internships are about the cultural and language experiences. However, our LCP students have worked at amazing organizations such as Bosch, Daimler, and John Deere International. Where will you go? You can find out more about internships for credit here.

NOTE: In some cases, an approved credit-bearing study abroad experience can take the place of the internship. Contact us, to get the conversation started!

Meet your LCP Ambassador

I’m Kyra, and I’m a senior studying Marketing & LCP Spanish. I’m originally from Dallas, Texas and came to Iowa State to be adventurous! Even before enrolling in ISU, the World Languages & Cultures department made me feel so welcomed. As a freshman and not knowing anyone, I tried to get involved as much as I could to make new friends and connections. From there, I learned about the Languages and Cultures for Professions (LCP) program and how great of a fit it was for my Marketing major! Since the Spring of 2018, I have been an ambassador for LCP. The program and all the people I have met through it have made my experience at ISU amazing. Through LCP, I have been given so many opportunities to connect with other students, study abroad and even intern abroad. I look forward to applying the skills I learned here in my future global career!