Placement Exams

Placement exams: taking the right first class

You don’t even need to leave the comfort of home for this one! Follow the instructions below on your very own laptop, smart phone, tablet, or toaster if it’s got internet access and a screen!

Chinese, French, German, Russian, & Spanish

If you’ve taken any of the above languages before coming to ISU, we need you to take a placement exam in order to make sure you’re not everwhelmed or bored by your coursework with our department. Please take the placement exam that corresponds with your prior classes, and we can help with the rest! Once you’ve finished your exam, we need you to do just a few things.

  1. Write down your score at the end. We use this and a few other factors to help determine where you should start with WLC.
  2. Talk with an adviser. They’ve got the skills to help you succeed! Head over to our advising page for contact information.

Now, on to the important stuff!


To begin the exam, click on the corresponding link below and enter the account password: gostate!

(note: there is no password for German which is conducted via the Goethe Institute).