Visit Spain!

Who wouldn’t want to go to Spain?

From its Mediterranean beaches to its rich cultural history, Spain has a lot to offer!

Our Programs

Summer on the Mediterranean

Spend a summer in Valencia, Spain on the beaches of the Mediterranean. Practice your Spanish, experience Spanish culture, take on an internship abroad, and stand out from the crowd.

Head to Valencia, Spain on ISU’s biggest study abroad program. It’s popular for a reason.

Give me a summer in the sun!

Spend a semester in Spain

Thinking a summer just isn’t long enough? Research says “more is better”. Try a semester in Cáceres, Spain, rich in language, history, and culture. Take the opportunity to travel and establish lifelong international relationships.

Visit Cáceres and experience Spanish culture at its purest.

¡Dame más cultura!

Still not convinced?

Check out this article on the top 43 things to do in Spain. Our programs can help you hit 18 out of 43 just by participating!