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LAS 350B: Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies: Spanish for Health & Medical Professions (Fall 2024) 


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The student learning outcomes linked below are based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century (National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project). This page outlines the standards of a collaborative effort of nine national foreign language organizations. These outcomes establish a context that defines the central role of foreign language in the learning of every student. The standards, as well as our program outcomes and individual course objectives, suggest a paradigm shift in foreign language education that focuses on students’ ability to use the language in authentic situations.

Spanish Outcomes



The Spanish program offers both majors and minors in our “classic” and “LCP” tracks. Our classic track spends more time on literature and media as well as civilization. Our Languages and Cultures for Professions (LCP) track highlights more current culture and business applications. LCP is only available as a second major or minor.

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Study Abroad

Explore cultures outside of the U.S.

The Spanish faculty offers or supports a variety of study abroad programs in Spanish-speaking countries across the globe. Whether you are interested in learning Spanish for the first time, perfecting your existing Spanish skills, taking innovative courses in English, interning abroad, or undertaking service learning projects, our faculty will work with you to find the best program to fit your needs. Biology lab work or fieldwork in Spain? Community service projects in Peru? Business and Engineering internships abroad? We can help you do that! And you can get Spanish credit!

Students can select programs that are administered by ISU faculty and staff, or choose from programs provided by third-party providers.


Head to the Mediterranean coast for our six-week program in the coastal city of Valencia! We offer coursework in Spanish, Management, Biology and even Engineering. Click below to see why nearly 100 students come on our program every year.

To La Costa Blanca!


Take in the historic sites and beautiful culture during a semester in Western Spain. Cáceres is home to a beautiful old city and has connections throughout era after era of Spanish history. Get more information about our semester-long program below.


Other programs

While we don’t offer any programs through WLC to many Spanish-speaking countries at this time, we know there are lots of great programs out there! Head to the list of ISU-associated and -affiliated programs taught in Spanish below.

¡A viajar!