Hugo Salgado

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics


Dept:World Languages And Cultures
Office:3248 Pearson

Area of expertise: L2 phonological acquisition, language documentation and revitalization, Mesoamerican languages, Phonetics and phonology

Topics of interest: Linguistics, Mesoamerican languages, phonetics/phonology, Spanish


I am a linguist with broad interdisciplinary interests in Spanish and indigenous languages of Mesoamerica. I work on phonetics and phonology, second-language (L2) acquisition, language contact, as well as language documentation and revitalization. In my latest research, I explore how first-language (L1) speakers of Salvadoran Spanish acquire aspects of the phonology of Nawat, the critically endangered indigenous language of El Salvador that is currently undergoing a revitalization process. I am also a Nawat teacher at Tamachtiluyan Alan R King, a free Nawat school that I co-founded in 2020.

Grants and Awards

  • College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Award for Teaching Excellence, The Ohio State University (2022)

  • Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant, The Ohio State University (2020)

  • Felice M Grad Endowed Scholarship, The Ohio State University (2020)

Recent / Major Publications

  • Salgado, H. & Pinta, J. (2024) “The Perceptual Origin of Added Glottals in Spanish Loans in Modern Nahuan”. To appear in International Journal of American Linguistics, 90(1)

  • Cárcamo, H., Guardado, M., Aquino, C., Domínguez, A., Ordóñez, G., & Salgado, H. (2023) Aprendiendo náhuat en el siglo 21: Achtu taksalis. University of Alberta. Webpage: