Luana Lamberti

Assistant Professor of Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics


Dept:World Languages And Cultures
Office:3242 Pearson

Area of expertise: Creole Studies, Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, Language Contact, sociolinguistics

Topics of interest: Linguistics, Portuguese, Spanish


I am a sociolinguist and a creolist. My research focuses on the sociolinguistic aspect of contact-induced features from Portuguese and Spanish. I have carried out long-term research in the Helvécia community from Bahia, Brazil, to document Helvécia Afro-Brazilian Portuguese. I have also worked with other Afro-Iberian varieties, such as Afro-Bolivian Spanish and African Portuguese. My most recent work focuses on how language ideologies affect dialect shift among speakers of minority languages. I am also currently working on a co-edited multilingual handbook entitled Afro-Iberian Languages: Contact and Sociohistory. The book will introduce several Afro-Iberian languages and varieties created by Africans or their descendants in the Americas and Africa.

Grants and Awards

  • 2022 Morris and Anita Broad Fellowship for Junior Faculty, Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, Florida International University

  • 2021 Presidential Fellowship Award, Graduate School, The Ohio State University

  • 2020 International Research and Scholar Grant, The Ohio State University

  • Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme Fellowship (2020 Spring and Summer Semesters), The Ohio State University

  • Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics Grant, Linguistic Society of America

  • 2019 Tinker Foundation Field Research Grants, Center of Latin American Studies, The Ohio State University.

Recent / Major Publications

  • 2022. Substrate influences in highland Spanish varieties of South America: Afro-Yungueño and Antioqueño from a comparative perspective. Journal of Ibero-Romance Creoles. 12(2022), 1-54. First author with Eliot Raynor.

  • 2021. Concordância de gênero em português: aproximações entre variedades africanas e afro-brasileira. Revista do Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Estado de São Paulo. 18(3), 40-69. Second author with Ana Lívia Agostinho and Eduardo Ferreira dos Santos.

  • 2021. The Future Repeats itself: Priming Effects in Spanish Future Expressions. Revista da Associação Brasileira de Linguística. 19(1), 1-18. First author with Hugo Salgado.

  • 2020. Motivações Pragmáticas para o Surgimento de Estruturas de Dupla Negação na Região Sul do Brasil. Cadernos de Estudos Linguísticos, Universidade Estadual de Campinas 62, 1-22. Third author with Marcos Goldnadel and Paloma Petry.

  • 2019. Models of Morphological Learning: Implications for Typology and Change. Journal of Language Modelling 7(1), 53-98. Co-author with Elsner, Micha, Andrea D. Sims, Alexander Erdmann, Antonio Hernandez, Evan Jaffe, Lifeng Jin, Martha Booker Johnson, Shuan Karim, David L. King, Byung-Doh Oh, Nathan Rasmussen, Cory Shain, Stephanie Antetomaso, Kendra V. Dickinson, Noah Diewald, Michelle McKenzie & Symon Stevens-Guille.

  • 2018. Experimental Evidence for 2SG Direct Object Pronoun Choice in Brazilian Portuguese. Revista Linguíʃtica 14(2), 259-290. Fourth author with Scott Schwenter, Mark Hoff, Kendra V. Dickinson, and Justin Bland.

  • 2018. Testing the Role of Immediacy on Imperative Form in Brazilian Portuguese Dialects. Revista Linguíʃtica 14(2), 231-258. First author with Scott Schwenter.

  • In Preparation. Línguas Afro-Ibéricas: contato e sócio-história / Lenguas afro-ibericas: contacto y sociohistória. Edited book in the series Contact and Multilingualism. Language Science Press. First author with Ana Lívia Agostinho.

  • In Preparation. Location Marking in Helvécia Portuguese: A Case of Contact-Induced Change. To be submitted to Journal of Language Contact.

  • In Preparation. Language Ideologies and Dialect Shift in Helvécia Portuguese. To be submitted to Journal of Sociolinguistics.