Where do I get an application, and how do I fill it out?

Fill out the Application at ISUAbroad.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline is March 1. However, we review applications as they are submitted. Apply early as there is often a wait list!

When will applications be accepted? When will I know if I have been accepted or not?

Since early application is strongly recommended for this program, many students submit applications in the later part of the fall semester. Because of space limitations and the popularity of this program it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible. A wait list is instituted as necessary.

Concerning acceptances, the Program Directors will accept students on a rolling basis as the applications come in. Generally, if your application is complete, the Directors will review your application a short time after you have submitted it, and notify you of your acceptance a few days later.

If you need an advanced decision on your application so that you may apply for financial aid or scholarships, or purchase airfare, request it from the program directors.

What happens if I apply, am accepted, and decide not to participate in the program?

You may be charged a withdrawal fee depending on when you officially request the withdrawal. most cases there are no fees associated with your withdrawal, depending on how long before the program you withdraw:

  • 61 days or more before program start (March 30 or before), no fees.
  • 31-60 days before departure: $100 plus any expenses already incurred on students behalf.
  • 1-30 days before departure $200 plus expenses incurred.
  • Date of or after departure, full program fee

I see that the program fee is estimated. Will this change?

Normally, the estimated program fee is what the program will cost. However, with fluctuations in the euro to dollar conversion, unexpected expenses or more (or fewer) students, the program fee can change. The Program Directors will do everything they can to ensure that students are charged as little as possible.

What is the calendar of events for the program? Will we travel? What are the class days?

The Program Calendar lists class days, weekend excursion information, and other important dates.

How much will the program cost including all incidentals?
Costs vary from person to person based not only on major, class status, and the number of credits taken abroad, but also based upon how much they plan to spend on airfare and spending money. ISUAbroad provides a reasonable budget sheet regarding costs.

The program dates are tentative. Will these change?

The Program Directors reserve the right to change the program dates and amenities at any time. Normally, the advertised program dates are correct and will not change. In unusual circumstances, however, the dates could be shifted a day or two in either direction. Before purchasing airfare, check with the directors to make sure the dates are accurate.

How do I travel to Madrid?

Students are encouraged to purchase their own airfare to Spain in conjunction with the program dates. Click here for information regarding arrival and departure to/from Madrid. The program does not organize airfare because many students decide to travel before or after the program, use frequent flyer miles, or simply find a better fare than the directors can find.

Once I arrive in Madrid, what do I do?

Students are given a detailed map and information on the Madrid meeting point. Also, many students will opt to go early and stay in Madrid or travel in Spain before the program begins. The Program Directors will meet you at the designated meeting point on the day the program begins.

What is included in the program fee, and what do I have to pay out of pocket?

See information about the program by clicking here. Scroll down the page and read about the program fee and what it includes, as well as about other expenses.

I have scholarships and/or financial aid. Does my scholarship apply? What about my financial aid?

On the About the Program page, you will find information related to Scholarships and Financial Aid. In most cases all financial aid and scholarships will apply to this program. Please check with your scholarship administrator or talk with representatives in Financial Aid.

Will I live with a Spanish family? Can I choose my roommate? Where will we be housed?

Yes! You will be housed with another ISU student in a home with a Spanish family. Homestays are excellent ways to understand Spain, Spanish culture, and improve your Spanish–even if you are starting for the first time! Students are encouraged to choose their own roommate from among the students participating in the program. However, the housing preferences on each roommate’s housing forms must be the same. Students are generally housed in the center of Valencia, and this might mean you will be within walking distance of the downtown area, the old quarter, the university and the beach. In some cases, however, students will need to take the bus or metro to move about the city, or to get to class.

What courses can I take? Will courses count at ISU?

The program offers biology, business and engineering courses in English (as well as at least one Hispanic studies course in English) and a large selection of courses in Spanish. No previous Spanish is required and any student can take any course in English. Every student enrolled in the program must take at least one Spanish course. For the second course (or third, at a higher program fee), students can choose from any of the courses for which they have met the requirements. See the About the Program page and scroll down to see information related to courses. All courses are for ISU students only and students are directly enrolled in courses for ISU credit.

Are there orientation sessions once I am accepted?

Yes! Once you are accepted you will be required to attend several orientation sessions. Besides discussing administrative aspects of the program (course selections, family preferences, insurance, etc.), the Program Directors will also discuss health and safety, living with a family, traveling in Spain and the E.U., daily life in Spain, as well as many other aspects about leaving the U.S. and studying abroad. The dates for the orientation sessions will be listed on the web site here.

How can I get information about traveling in Spain or around Europe?

The Program Directors will talk about traveling during the orientation sessions. They will mention great places to visit, inexpensive means to travel, and point out travel concerns.