So you’re a new student thinking about coursework in the WLC?
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Our faculty, staff, and students are here to give you a glimpse at all the many ways you can include the study of language and culture in your academic career.

Welcome to World Languages & Cultures

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WLC Advisors

Check out our Advising Page for more information on how to reach our advisors and how they can help you get settled in the WLC.

Academic Areas of Study

Click to see orientation videos on the academic areas that interest you!

American Indian Studies

Professor Sebastian Braun relates the benefits of American Indian Studies at Iowa State.

Check out the American Indian Studies page for more in-depth information about this minor!

American Sign Language

Check out the ASL page for more information about this program!


Dr. Andrew Somerville talks about what anthropology is and why you should study it.

WLC Ambassador Sarah Bartlett talks about why she chose to major in anthropology.

You can major or minor in Anthropology. To learn more, check out the Anthropology page!


Ghinwa Alameen, assistant teaching professor of Arabic, talks about the many ways you can get involved with the study of Arabic and Arabic culture at Iowa State.

To learn more about this exciting program of study, check out the Arabic page!

Chinese Studies

Want to learn more about our Chinese minors? Click here!

Classical Studies

Associate Professor of Classical Studies Peggy Mook talks about the scope and flexibility of a minor or independent major in classical studies.

WLC Ambassador Sarah Bartlett talks about why she chose to major in classical studies.

Thinking about a classical studies major or minor? Learn more on this page.


The professors of the French section of the WLC give you a quick introduction to all the section has to offer.

French and French education major Sophia Muta explains why French is her chosen field of study at Iowa State.

Interested in learning more about our French majors and minor? Click here!


Associate Professor of German William Carter gives some great reasons why you should consider studying German!

WLC ambassador Zach Buerger talks about why he decided to continue his German studies at Iowa State and how he sees it fitting into his future career goals.

Interested in one of our German majors or a minor? Our German page has lots of information!

International Studies

Elizabeth Zimmerman, advisor for international studies, gives a quick overview of the major aspects of this very versatile major and minor.

Why should you consider a major in international studies? WLC Ambassador Kacey Berry describes the advantages of this very flexible major.

Want to learn more about international studies as a second major or a minor? Check out this page.


WLC ambassador Sarah Bartlett talks about how she took Italian to help enhance her study abroad in Rome and to meet her foreign language requirements.

Want to learn more about Iowa State’s Italian program? Click here.

Language & Cultures for Professions

The LCP ambassadors discuss the program and how it helps them develop global agility for their future workplace. For more information about this exciting program, click here.

Middle Eastern Studies

Professor Low introduces the benefits of the newest minor on campus: Middle Eastern Studies.


Associate Teaching Professor Fabiana DePaula lays out the reasons studying Brazil and the Portuguese language might be a great choice for you.

Click here for more information about how our Portuguese program can give you an advantage.

Russian Studies

The Russian faculty share why you should take Russian language classes here at ISU!

Click here for more information about our minors in Russian studies.


Why study Spanish at Iowa State? Associate Professor Megan Myers gives you a few great reasons!

WLC ambassador Kacey Berry explains why she chose to study Spanish at Iowa State.

Click here for more information about how to major or minor in Spanish at Iowa State.

Teacher Education

Secondary education advisor, Heather Kruger, offers a brief overview of WLC opportunities.

Thinking about becoming an educator? WLC ambassador Sophia Muta shares her experiences with the French education program at Iowa State.

Click here for more information about Iowa State’s WLC teacher education program.

U.S. Latino/a Studies

Director of U.S. Latino/a Studies Lucía M. Suárez talks about the many things the program has to offer.

Kacey Berry talks about why she decided to pursue a U.S. Latino/a Studies minor and how she sees it helping her in her future career plans.

Find out more about the USLS classes offered this fall. Click here for general information about the USLS program at Iowa State.

WLC & ISU Activities, Resources, and Tips


Sarah Bartlett talks about what WLC ambassadors are and how they can help you in your academic pursuits at Iowa State.


WLC ambassador Sarah Bartlett describes the benefits of checking out student clubs in the WLC.

General Education Courses

WLC ambassador Sophia Muta shares how she followed her interests with exciting general education classes that eventually led to a minor.

Health & Wellness Services

Check out what Student Wellness, Recreation, Counseling Services and Thielen Health Center have to offer you.

Honors Program

WLC Grad Ellie Conrad (’19, Spanish LCP, Global Resource Systems, and Agriculture & Society) and other students discuss how the Honors Program can enrich your ISU experience. Check them out here.


WLC ambassador Sarah Bartlett discusses how internships helped boost her progress to her career goals. Click here for more information about internships through the WLC.

Language Studies Resource Center

All WLC students have access to the LSRC, a collection of resources devoted to language learning and a great place to study.

4-Year Plans

WLC ambassador Sarah Bartlett shares her process for developing an effective 4-year plan for her studies at Iowa State.

WLC ambassador Kacey Berry shares her color-coded 4-year plan for graduating on time.


WLC ambassador Zach Brueger describes how he developed his 5-year plan.


WLC advisers are a great source for information on scholarships throughout your ISU career.

WLC ambassador Kacey Berry gives some tips and advice on how to find and apply for scholarships.

Second Majors & Minors

WLC ambassador Sophia Muta chose a second major and a minor to boost her job market readiness.

Study Abroad

Click here for more information about study abroad opportunities with the WLC.

LCP Ambassador Adam Bittner discusses his study abroad for Spanish.

WLC ambassador Caroline Sabotta talks about her study abroad experiences in Germany.

WLC ambassador Sophia Muta talks about her experience of a one-month study abroad in France.

Writing & Media Center

WLC graduate Vivian Cook (’19, French & Performing Arts) discusses why you should go to the Writing and Media Center. Check out the services they offer here.