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Through the LSRC, we are able to offer television streaming in nine languages and over a plethora of topics. Browse by language section or category below.

Some live programming may be blocked for licensing reasons, but archived programming works. Please ask an LSRC student assistant for help if you experience issues.

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American Sign Language

Deaf TV

“DPAN.TV (The Sign Language Channel) was formed for a singular, essential purpose: to make quality American Sign Language (ASL) daily news and information accessible to both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and its supporters. At present, there are nearly 30 million Deaf/Hard of Hearing people living in the United States who, despite their pronounced interest, have been largely excluded from meaningful access to news and information.”

The Daily Moth

“The Daily Moth delivers news in video using American Sign Language. The deaf host, Alex Abenchuchan, covers trending news stories and deaf topics on new shows Monday-Fridays.”


Alalam News Network

Iran – News

“Al-Alam is a news television station based in Tehran, Iran. Since its launch in February 2003, the slogan “Truth as you see it” has been raised. The channel seeks to provide an opportunity for interaction and communication between the peoples of the region and Muslim peoples in all parts of the world by posing their real problems.”

Alsumaria TV

Iraq – News & Entertainment

“Alsumaria is an independent Iraqi television network founded in September 2004. Today it has a team of 700 media professionals and the best technicians working between Iraq, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Alsumaria TV adopts a moderate speech for one Iraq, which stands at the same distance from all spectrums of the diverse Iraqi people.”

Roya TV

Jordan – News & Entertainment

“Ruya TV, a private Jordanian satellite channel, was launched on 1/1/2011 to join the media package of Al Sayegh Group, which has extensive experience in the media field.

Vision is based on a vision of space with a modern and sophisticated digital format that promotes professional and high quality media content and meets the interests and aspirations of Arab and Jordanian scenes at home and abroad.”

CNBC Arabia

Saudi Arabia – News

“CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news and provides real-time financial market coverage and business information to 410 million homes worldwide. CNBC Arabia is an Arab free-to-air television channel. It covers regional and international affairs from an Arab economic perspective.”


CCTV 4 International

China – News & Entertainment

“CCTV has a network of 50 channels broadcasting different programmes and is accessible to more than one billion viewers. As of present, there are 50 television channels, and the broadcaster provides programming in six different languages. Most of its programmes are a mixture of news, documentary, social education, comedy, entertainment, and drama, the majority of which consists of Chinese soap operas and entertainment.”

China Business Network

China – Business News

“China Business Network (CBN) is a consortium of entities focusing on outwards investment, outbound travel from China as well as facilitating trade both import and export fitting our slogan “Bring the World to China – Taking Chinese to the World” by providing business consultancy and facilitating services for large numbers of Chinese and foreign authorities, businesses as well as other organizations.”

China Net Live

China – News & Entertainment

““China Net+” is a national Internet service platform of Beijing CIC Video Culture Media Co., Ltd. based on the principle of good faith to build and operate TOB (enterprise) and TOG (government of the people’s livelihood). The company relies on the technical strengths of the industry in cloud, payment, AI, security and many other fields.”

Bingtuan TV

China – News & Entertainment

“Bingtuan Television is a provincial satellite television station in Xinjiang, China, administered by the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Also known as Bingtuan Satellite Television, it started its 24-hour satellitic broadcasting through Sinosat-3 on October 7, 2007.”

Mango TV

China – Entertainment

“Mango TV is a Chinese Internet enterprise operated by Corporation, a subsidiary of Mango Excellent Media. Mango TV was established on May 26, 2006 in Changsha, Hunan and later decided to use ‘Mango TV(Internet TV, PC, Phone and Pad)’ as its video platform branding title in 2008. Mango TV specializes in creating online videos and is an online platform providing all of the content that is presented in TV channels, and all other copyright works from Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Satellite TV. “


France 24

France – News

“France 24, four global news channels (in French, English, Arabic and Spanish), broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (6 hours a day in Spanish) in 355 million homes out of 5 continents.

France 24 has 61.2 million weekly viewers (measured in 67 countries out of 183 where at least one of the four channels is distributed) and is the leading international news channel in the Maghreb and French-speaking Africa.”


France – News & Sports

“BFM TV is a 24-hour rolling news and weather channel based in France and available globally via digital, cable and satellite television.

As the country’s most-watched news channel with 10 million daily viewers, BFM TV “boasts a market share in France that is greater than any equivalent news channel around the world”. “


France – News & Entertainment

“TV5Monde is a French television network, broadcasting several channels of French language programming. It is an approved participant member of the European Broadcasting Union. TV5MONDE claims to be one of the top three most available global television networks available around the world, alongside CNN and MTV.”


France – News

“FranceInfo is a YouTube channel that streams live news 24/7. The Franceinfo streaming TV channel offers broadcasts simultaneously on the radio in certain time slots, JT on the hour and half hour (6 are subtitled and 2 are in sign language every day), reminders of titles, modules of analysis and deepening as well as duplexes gathering all the editorial opinion partners.”



Germany – Youth Programming

“KiKA is a joint program of the nine ARD state broadcasters and the ZDF and since January 1, 1997 on the air. The program is aimed at young viewers from three to 13 years. The children’s channel of ARD and ZDF is located in Erfurt. “


Germany – News, Sports, Entertainment, Culture, Documentaries

“Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, usually shortened to ZDF, is a German public-service television broadcaster based in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate. It is run as an independent nonprofit institution, which was founded by all federal states of Germany (Bundesländer). ZDF is financed by television licence fees and advertising revenues.

The broadcaster is well known for its famous programmes heute, a newscast established in 1963, and Wetten, dass..? an entertainment show that premiered in 1981, and ended in 2014. Thomas Bellut, ZDF’s director general, was elected by the ZDF Television Council in 2011.”


Germany – News, Sports & Culture

“NDR – The best thing about the north. A promise to all people in Northern Germany, which drives us every morning in our work anew. We want to offer you the best not only with our programs, but also with our events and our cultural and social commitment. We accompany you in everyday life – with information, education, service and entertainment.

As a public broadcaster, the NDR has a democratic, cultural and community value for society. Guided by these values, it is our claim to offer you the greatest possible benefit with the offerings of the NDR and to enrich your everyday life in this way.”


Germany – Art & Culture

“ARTE (Association relative à la télévision européenne) is a Franco-German free-to-air television network that promotes cultural programming. It is made up of three separate companies: the Strasbourg-based European Economic Interest Grouping ARTE GEIE, plus two member companies acting as editorial and programme production centres, ARTE France in Paris (France) and ARTE Deutschland in Baden-Baden (Germany). As an international joint venture (an EEIG), its programmes focuses to audiences in both countries. Due to this, the channel features two audio tracks and two subtitle tracks, each in French and German.

80% of ARTE’s programming are provided by its French and German subsidiaries, each making half of the programmes available, while the remainder is being provided by the European subsidiary and the channel’s European partners.”

Das Erste

Germany – News, Entertainment

“Das Erste is the flagship national television channel of the ARD association of public broadcasting corporations in Germany. ARD and ZDF – “the Second” German Television Channel – together comprise the public service television broadcasters in the German television system. Das Erste is jointly operated by the nine regional public broadcasting corporations that are members of the ARD.”



Italy – News

“LA7 SpA is the Cairo Communication Group company that operates in the television sector through the La7 and La7d channels.

La7 has strengthened its identity and consolidated its editorial image, focusing on current content, information, in-depth information and entertainment programs. Since 2010, La7d is also on air, aimed at a younger and more female audience. La7 is visible both on Digital Terrestrial and on Satellite platforms and totally produced in HD.”

RAI News

Italy – News & Entertainment

“RAI is the national public broadcasting company of Italy, owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

RAI operates many terrestrial and subscription television channels and radio stations. It is one of the biggest television broadcaster in Italy and competes with Mediaset, and other minor television and radio networks. RAI has a relatively high television audience share of 33.8%.”

Rete 55

Italy – News

“Rete 55 is an Italian regional television station , with registered and operational headquarters in Gornate Olona (VA).

Launched in 1979 as a broadcaster dedicated to the city of Varese alone, it has progressively expanded to the point of transmitting (first in analogue technique, then in digital terrestrial) on the territory of the whole of Lombardy; due to the natural overrun of the signal, it is nevertheless admissible even in the border bands of the neighboring Italian regions (eastern Piedmont, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige western, northern Emilia-Romagna) and also in Switzerland (southern part of Ticino and Grigioni).”

7 Gold – Diretta Stadio

Italy – Sports

“Diretta Stadio is a Sports talk and debate television program produced by 7 Gold and aired on various affiliated local television channels in Italy, entirely devoted to Italian football, in particular the Serie A. Currently, it features live commentary of football matches by journalists who support various clubs (in particular Milan, Inter, Juventus and Napoli, with occasional guest commentaries from supporters of Fiorentina, Roma and Lazio, as well as discussion of international football and issues affecting the game.”

Canale 7

Italy – News, Politics, Sports, Culture

“Canale 7 is an Apulian local television station, which pays particular attention to the city of Monopoli , in the province of Bari. The TV station’s strong point is the information that is taken care of by as many as four editorial offices; Gianni Tanzariello and Agostino Calefati are respectively editor and director as well as director of the Apulian broadcaster.”



Portugal – News & Entertainment

“With 80 years of radio, 58 television and 17 online , a diverse universe of television, radio and online brands through its website(s) and social networks, RTP is the media company with the most history and tradition in the Portuguese media. Innovation has always been a RTP bet. Pioneer in several areas and technologies, with a growing and effective multiplatform offering, transversal, with emphasis on interactivity solutions, permanently betting on differentiating formats.”

CNT São Paulo

Brazil – News & Entertainment

“CNT São Paulo is a Brazilian television station based in Americana , a city in the state of Sao Paulo . It operates on channel 52 (24 digital UHF ) and is its own broadcaster of the National Central Television . CNT started with its own signal in the state after the end of its partnership with TV Gazeta , where both formed an affiliate network between 1992 and 2000. The station has already had a building as its base of operations in the capital of São Paulo, Alameda Santos. , which went on sale in early 2018.”

TV Cultura

Brazil – Culture

“TV Cultura, or simply Cultura, is a free Brazilian television network headquartered in São Paulo and a part of Fundação Padre Anchieta. It focuses on educational and cultural subjects but also has sports as entertainment options.

According to research by the British institute Populus, published in 2015, TV Cultura is the second highest quality channel in the world, behind only BBC One.”


RTR Planeta

Russia – News & Entertainment

“RTR-Planeta is the international service of VGTRK, a state-owned broadcaster in Russia. It is available throughout the world via cable and satellite. To step up the accessibility of its content to viewers RTR Planeta has eagerly embraced new technologies launching in various IPTV, ADSL and other advanced networks.”

Russia TV 1

Russia – News & Entertainment

“Russia-1 is a state-owned Russian television channel first aired on 22 March 1951 as Programme One in the Soviet Union. It was relaunched as RTR on the 13 May 1991, and is known today as Russia 1. It is the flagship channel of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK). Russia-1 has the second largest audience in Russian television.”

Muz TV

Russia – Entertainment

“Muz-TV is a Russian music TV channel, broadcasting since 1996. It is largely modelled after western MTv and predates launching of MTv Russia in 1998. Muz TV was founded by Sergey Lisovskiy. The general director of Muz-TV is Arman Davletarov. Today Muz-TV is owned by UTH Russia, which is, in turn, 49% owned by MTv.”



Venezuela – News

“Telesur is a Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela and sponsored primarily by the government of Venezuela, with additional funding from the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia. It was launched in 2005, under the government of Hugo Chávez, with the aim of being “a Latin socialist answer to CNN”.”

Antena 3

Spain – Entertainment

“Antena 3 is a Spanish terrestrial television channel owned by Atresmedia which also owns Onda Cero, one of Spain’s most listened to radio stations. Its current headquarters are located in San Sebastián de los Reyes, near Madrid. Antena 3 is listed as the third channel on television sets throughout Spain, except certain autonomous communities where the autonomous television station occupies channel 3.”


Spain – News & Entertainment

“Telemadrid, is a public television station of Madrid. It is affiliated with FORTA since its inception, and it is a public channel that belongs exclusively to the autonomous government of Madrid. It began its broadcast on 2 May 1989 in Madrid. Since then, the programming has been dominated by educational programs directed towards the population of that region. Since Madrid is the capital of the country, it puts special emphasis on national political information.”

TV Pública

Argentina – News & Entertainment

“Televisión Pública Argentina is a publicly owned Argentine television network, the national public broadcaster. It began broadcasting in 1951, when LR3 Radio Belgrano Television channel 7 in Buenos Aires, its key station and the first television station in the country, signed on the air.”

TV Azteca

Mexico – News & Entertainment

“TV Azteca, S.A.B. de C.V. is a Mexican multimedia conglomerate owned by Grupo Salinas. It is the second-largest mass media company in Mexico after Televisa. It primarily competes with Televisa and Imagen Televisión, as well as some local operators. It owns two national television networks, Azteca Uno and Azteca 7, and operates two other nationally distributed services, adn40 and a+. All three of these networks have transmitters in most major and minor cities.”


Argentina – News & Entertainment

“Telefe is a television station located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The station is owned and operated by ViacomCBS through Televisión Federal S.A. Telefe is also a television network and one of Argentina’s five national television channels.”


Cuba – News & Entertainment

“Cubavisión is a Cuban television channel owned by the Cuban government. It airs nationally 24 hours a day and has a cable version with a global reach called Cubavision International.”

TV Perú

Peru – News & Entertainment

“TV Perú is the flagship television network of Peruvian state broadcaster IRTP. It is Peru’s first channel and the one to have the widest coverage area in the country. In 2010, it started broadcasting on digital terrestrial television and became the first TV network in the country to do so. Its headquarters are located in the Santa Beatriz neighbourhood in Lima district, Lima.”


Puerto Rico – News

“WAPA-TV, virtual channel 4 (UHF digital channel 27), is an independent television station licensed to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The station is owned by Hemisphere Media Group, which is 83.8% owned by InterMedia Partners. WAPA-TV’s studios are located on Avenida Luis Vigoreaux in Guaynabo, and its transmitter is located near the Bosque Estatal de Carite mountain reserve.”


Ecuador – News & Entertainment

“Ecuavisa is an Ecuadorian free-to-air television network that was launched on 1 March 1967 on Quito’s channel 8 Guayaquil’s channel 2. The channel has an international feed named “Ecuavisa Internacional”.”


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