Stacey Weber-Fève

Associate Professor of French


Dept:World Languages And Cultures
Office:3102h Pearson
505 Morrill Rd.
Ames IA

Area of expertise: French & Francophone Cinemas, Graphic Narration, Language & Cultures Teaching

Topics of interest: French & North African Women's Literatures, French Language (all levels), French Language & Cultures for Professions, Intro to French & Francophone Literatures and Cultures, World Film Studies


Stacey Weber-Fève co-directs the ISU World Film Studies Minor Program with Dr. Olga Mesropova (Associate Professor of Russian, WLC) and also serves on the steering committee of the ISU Women and Gender Studies Program. Stacey also serves as the coordinator of the French Language and Cultures for Professions (LCP) Program and advises the ISU French Club. As a specialist of contemporary women’s filmmaking in France, Algeria, and Tunisia, Stacey has published books and articles on filmmakers Marjane Satrapi, Malgorzata Szumowska, Coline Serreau, Raja Amari, and Assia Djebar, among others. More recently she has branched out into the field of Comedy Studies and is currently writing a book on contemporary women filmmakers and actresses in comedy in France. As a dedicated practitioner, Stacey also explores in her textbook and article publications how second-language research study can directly inform modern language teaching and curriculum. She is particularly interested in literacy-based approaches and input-to-output structuring to the teaching and learning of the French language and French and Francophone cinemas, literatures, and cultures across all levels and where these approaches intersect with the use of technology both inside and outside the classroom. Check her out on LinkedIn, too!

Grants and Awards

  • ISU Cassling Family Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching (2018)

  • ISU Louis Thompson Distinguished Undergraduate Teacher Award (2017)

  • ISU Outstanding Achievement in Teaching (2017)

  • AATF Dorothy Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Award (2016)

  • ACTFL Nelson Brooks Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Culture (2015)

Recent / Major Publications

  • Re-hybridizing Transnational Domesticity and Femininity: Women’s Contemporary Filmmaking and Lifewriting in France, Algeria, and Tunisia (2010). Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield).

  • ‘Belonging and Distantiation: Reading the Cinéma-Monde in Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud’s Poulet aux prunes (2011)’ in Journal of Cinema and Media Studies (formerly Cinema Journal) (Fall 2021).

  • ‘Free Women,’ Experiential Aesthetics, and Embodied Spectatorship in Malgorzata Szumowska’s Elles (2011)’ in Studies in European Cinema (online publication: 11 Feb 2020) DOI: 10.1080/17411548.2020.1726650 (print publication forthcoming: 2022).

  • Liaisons: An Introduction to French, 3rd Edition (2019). Cengage-Heinle. Co-authored with W. Wong.

  • Encore: Intermediate French, 2nd Edition (2019). Cengage-Heinle. Co-authored with W. Wong & A. Lair.