Educator Preparation Program


  1. Declare your primary major in WLC
    • Major in World Languages and Cultures with a concentration in the language you plan to teach.
    • NOTE: A minimum of a “C-” in all major department courses/content courses is required for teacher licensure (content coursework).

  2. Complete the general education requirements for your Liberal Arts and Sciences
  3. LAS Requirements

    This should also include the following:

    • PSYCH 230 or HD FS 102
    • One course in American history or government
    • One course that develops interpersonal or group presentation skills (e.g. ComSt 102, Sp Cm 212 or 313, 0r Thtre 358)

    Recommended Course (not required)

    • EDUC 219 Orientation to Teacher Education (1 credit)

  4. Clinical Experience and Other Curriculum Requirements
  5. Starting before admission to the program, you’ll need at least 80 hours of pre-student teaching clinical experience. You’ll do this with:

    • EDUC 280L (.5 credit = 12 hours) Completion of this clinical experience is a prerequisite for admission to the Educator Preparation Program
    • EDUC 280A (2 credit = 48 hours) NOTE: Full admission to the Teacher Education Program is required.
    • EDUC 480G (2 credit = 48 hours) NOTE: Full admission to the Teacher Education Program is required. Must be taken concurrently with WLC 487.

    Students must complete a background check and the results must be received by ISU prior to beginning any clinical experiences. See the full policy for more information.

  6. Professional Educator Preparation Core Courses
    • EDUC 202 Learning Technologies in the 7-12 Classroom (3 credits)
    • EDUC 204 Social Foundations of Education in the United States (3 credits)
    • EDUC 333 Educational Psychology (3 credits) Prerequisites Psych 230 or HD FS 102, application to the Educator Preparation Program
    • Sp Ed 401Teaching Secondary Students with Exceptionalities in General Education Classrooms (3 credits)
    • EDUC 406 Multicultural Foundations of Schools and Society: Introduction (3 credits) Prerequisites EDUC 202, EDUC 333, junior classification, admission to Teacher Education Program
    • EDUC 426 Principles of Secondary Education (3 credits) Prerequisites CI 202, senior classification, admission to Teacher Education Program
    • EDUC/WLC 487 Methods in Secondary School World Language Instruction (3 credits) Offered fall semester only; Prerequisites 25 credits in the world language you plan to teach, admission to Teacher Education Program

    NOTE: A minimum of a “C” in all education (EDUC), human development and family studies (HD FS), special education (SP ED) courses and all content-specific pedagogy/methods courses required for licensure.

  7. Admission to the Educator Preparation Program
  8. To apply for the Teacher Education Program, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

    • A minimum GPA of 2.5
    • PRAXIS CORE with minimum scores of: Reading (156), Writing (162), Mathematics (150)
    • Documented completion of ISU approved 12 hours of practicum – EDUC 280L
    • A criminal background check (see link above)

    Most students apply after Spring semester of their Freshman year. Apply below once you’re ready.

  9. Student Teaching
  10. Teacher candidates complete one 16-week placement or two 8-week placements. Apply for placements the semester prior to Student Teaching. Follow the procedures as detailed on the linked website.

  11. Additional Requirements and Assessments
  12. PRAXIS II content test (the language you plan to teach) is required and should be taken the semester prior to student teaching.

    PRAXIS PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT FOR TEACHERS (PPAT) is completed during student teaching. NOTE: see the ETS website for more information.

  13. Second Endorsement Requirements
  14. Requirements for a second endorsement in a World Languages include:

    1. Completion of WLC 487 if your first endorsement is not in a world language
    2. Additional coursework in the specific language of your choice beyond the 100 level as follows:
      • French- 24 credit hours
      • German- 24 credit hours
      • Spanish- 24 credit hours
    3. To add an ESL Endorsement
    4. Head over to the Linguistics website.

Additional Notes & Pointers

  • Post B.A. Student Requirements

  • Admission to the Educator Preparation Program for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree are as follows:

    1. A bachelor’s degree in the language to be taught – French, German, or Spanish – with a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA and no major course work below the grade of “C-”.
    2. A minimum of one course in Natural Sciences, Math/Statistics, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Communication Skills.
    3. The PRAXIS CORE with acceptable scores or GRE scores of at least 146 on the verbal and 144 on the quantitative sections.
    4. Completion of Clinical Experiences (section number 3 above).
    5. Completion of the core educator preparation courses in section 4 above (including prerequisites) and earn a minimum of the grade “C”
    6. Follow the procedures for getting a background check, applying for admission to the Educator Preparation Program, taking the PRAXIS II, the PPAT and the OPI, as described above.

For more information, contact either of the WLC advisors or email