Teacher Education


Your Path to a Rewarding Profession

World Language Teachers:

  • Use their world language daily.
  • Share their love of the culture daily.
  • Impact the future of our country.
  • Make a difference in students’ lives.



  1. Declare your primary major in WLC
  2. Admission to the Teacher Education Program
  3. Once you’ve completed the six requirements for admission into the program (found here.), you can apply right away! Most students apply after Spring semester of their Freshman year. Apply below once you’re ready.

  4. Clinical Experience and Other Curriculum Requirements
  5. After admission into the program, you’ll need at least 80 hours of pre-student teaching clinical experience. You’ll do this with:

    • C I 280L (.5 credit = 12 hours)
    • C I 280A (1 credit = 24 hours) NOTE: Full admission to the Teacher Education Program is required.
    • C I 480G (1 credit = 24 hours) NOTE: Full admission to the Teacher Education Program is required. Must be taken concurrently with WLC 487.

    Along with this clinical experience, you’ll be taking courses that help prepare you for the classroom. Find the K-12 education requirements on the course catalog (below). Beyond that, you’ll need to complete C I/WLC 487:Methods in Secondary School World Language Instruction.

  6. Student Teaching
  7. Typically, students apply for student teaching during the semester they are enrolled in WLC 487. Students who do not plan to student teach the semester immediately after completing WLC 487, must meet with Dr. Allen sometime in the first week of the semester prior to the semester you plan to student teach. More information from the School of Education can be found by clicking below.

  8. Licensure
  9. The teacher licensure procedure has been outlined on the School of Education’s website- click below for more. Beyond those regulations, all students applying for licensure with a World Languages as their first endorsement are required to take the ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview), ideally the semester before enrolling for WLC 487.


Additional Notes & Pointers

  • Post B.A. Student Requirements

  • Admission to the Teacher Education Program for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree are as follows:

    1. A Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average from that institution.
    2. Course work: (a) A minimum of one course in each of the five identified areas of humanities, math, natural science, communication skills, and social sciences. (b) Professional teacher education core courses. (See specific courses listed on inside panels.) (c) Courses required for a major world languages and cultures with a concentration in the language you plan to teach (if your B.A. is not in that language).
    3. Successful completion of ONE of the following two basic skills tests:

      Praxis CORE exam:

      • Reading (test code 5712) cut off score 156
      • Writing (test code 5722) cut off score 162
      • Mathematics (test code 5732) cut off score 150
      • Three areas combined test (test code 5751)


      GRE scores of at least 400 on each of the verbal and quantitative sections.

    4. Documented completion of ISU approved 12 hours of pre-student teaching field experience (typically CI 280L).
    5. A minimum grade of C for all C I courses and for Sp Ed 401.
    6. A report from a criminal background check initiated by ISU’s recommending official.
    7. Post degree students are required to take the OPI and must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. PRAXIS II is required for initial licensure.
  • A note on certification type

  • Future secondary school world language teachers are encouraged to seek certification in K-12 World Language Teaching. This requires one additional class (C I/WLC 486 Methods in Elementary School World Language Instruction (3 credits) and a recommended course (C I 468E Supervised Practicum in Teaching World Language (Elementary School) Required (1 credit).

  • Second edorsement requirements

  • Requirements for a second endorsement in a World Languages include:

    1. Completion of WLC 487 if your first endorsement is not in a world language
    2. Additional coursework in the specific language of your choice beyond the 100 level as follows:
      • Chinese- 27 credit hours
      • French- 24 credit hours
      • German- 24 credit hours
      • Latin- 24 credit hours, including HIST/Cl ST 403
      • Russian- 25 credit hours
      • Spanish- 24 credit hours
  • To add an ESL Endorsement

  • Head over to