Classical Studies



Classical Studies engages you with the ancient Greeks and Romans and their influence on western and world civilizations past and present. Students pursuing either the Interdisciplinary Studies major or the minor in Classical Studies explore the myths, art, architecture, literature, history, religions and political cultures of the Greeks and Romans. The major in Classical Studies fosters cultural literacy and assists in preparing you for a variety of business and professional schools—law and medicine are the two most commonly pursued by Classical Studies majors—or for any career requiring skills in communication, critical thinking, human relations, or problem solving.

One year of Latin (two courses) is the foundation of the major and minor in Classical Studies and is also an excellent complement to students of modern Romance languages. Studying Latin at ISU builds linguistic awareness and skills with strong transfer value to English and other modern languages. The ability to use English well and to communicate effectively in a given language are the two primary skills that prepare students to compete successfully in the job market at home and abroad.

For information about Latin placement or the Latin exam-for-credit, please consult the Classical Studies academic advisors in World Languages and Cultures- for more information on our advisors click below!

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The student learning outcomes linked below are based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century (National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project). This page outlines the standards of a collaborative effort of nine national foreign language organizations. These outcomes establish a context that defines the central role of foreign language in the learning of every student. The standards, as well as our program outcomes and individual course objectives, suggest a paradigm shift in foreign language education that focuses on students’ ability to use the language in authentic situations.

Classics and Latin Outcomes



Courses in Classical Studies provide background for students whose major fields of study or career interests include Anthropology, English, World Languages and Cultures, History, Music, Philosophy, Women’s Studies, law, medicine, material culture, political science, the life sciences and related fields. Students who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary major in Classical Studies should consult the Program Chair, David Hollander.


Study Abroad

We don’t have any active study abroad programs for this year, but we hope to send a group to Rome in 2025. Check in below for updated information!

ISU: Roman Italy – Building the Empire

NOTE: Study abroad is open to every student, regardless of field of study. Discuss your plans with your academic advisor as well as study abroad advisors on campus to plan your journey.