The French culture and economy are among the strongest and most prevalent in the world, and France is increasingly a leader in science, agriculture, industry, technological innovations, and academic thought and research. French is a critical global language and the language of the future. When you study French at ISU, you learn much more than just the language. You broaden your cultural horizons, strengthen your cultural intelligence, increase your marketability, and learn to see, understand, and relate to the world from a new perspective.

The ISU French Program offers the possibility of either majoring solely in French or combining French with any other university majors through a cluster of courses that focus on the language, cultures, histories, civilizations, literatures, and cinemas of France and Francophone countries.

Check out this showcase of a few great French students to see how French could work with your degree!



Check out our full list of courses we offer on the ISU Course Catalog, and see this semester’s courses on the ISU Schedule of Classes.



The student learning outcomes linked below are based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century (National Standards in Foreign Language Education Project). This page outlines the standards of a collaborative effort of nine national foreign language organizations. These outcomes establish a context that defines the central role of foreign language in the learning of every student. The standards, as well as our program outcomes and individual course objectives, suggest a paradigm shift in foreign language education that focuses on students’ ability to use the language in authentic situations.

French Outcomes



The French program offers majors in our “classic” and “LCP” tracks, with a minor available in the “classic” track. Our classic track spends more time on literature and media as well as civilization. Our Languages and Cultures for Professions (LCP) track highlights more current culture and business applications. LCP is only available as a second major.


Study Abroad

There are many summer, semester, and academic year study abroad programs available to ISU students in several French-speaking locations, including Belgium, France, Québec, and Switzerland. Read through just some of the possibilities below and contact the appropriate representative. You can earn up to 18 credits!

NOTE: Study abroad is open to every student, regardless of field of study. Discuss your plans with your academic advisor as well as study abroad advisors on campus to plan your journey.

Please note that there are many more options for students of French to take French language courses and/or advanced content courses (literature, culture, etc.). For more information on these affiliate programs, students can reach out to LAS Study Abroad ( or the Study Abroad Center ( You may search for programs here: & Click on ‘Programs’ to begin your search: search by country, city, or program name.


Paris: Intersection of Cultures: A spring break study abroad program in Paris. Contact: Jean-Pierre Taoutel

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord: A 3-week summer program in Paris. Contact: Jean-Pierre Taoutel

Cathedrals of France: Religious Beliefs and Spirituality in Medieval France: A 3-week summer program in and around Paris. Contact: Jean-Pierre Taoutel

Students can contact the Study Abroad Center for additional programs in France.

Grenoble Institute of Technology (INP): For students in the College of Engineering, the ISU Engineering International Programs Office coordinates a summer, 1 semester, or academic year exchange in Grenoble, France. Internship possibilities exist as well.


Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in Brussels: A semester or year-long program.

KU Leuven (College of Ag & Life Sciences) Exchange: A semester-long program for students in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.